Gateway Geeks Podcast Episode 12- Geeks in the Machine

Gateway Geeks Podcast Episode 12- Geeks in the Machine

Welcome all to this month’s episode of the Gateway Geeks Podcast, we talk gaming with the OG of PC, Chris Knetzer, and weigh in on E3, for possibly the last time in our lives. We talk consoles, twitch, Kojima, God of War, Detroit, Days Gone, Zelda and all the gaming bugaboos you can shake a mace at. . Aaron is Widowmaker, Joe is D.Va, and Chris is Mercy. Join us, veteran gamers and noobs alike for this Episode 12 –  Geeks in the Machine.

Big things are happening for us at Gateway Geeks, we’re partnering with St. Louis Vernacular, so check them out at,!  We’ve rebooted our own website, and added the Gateway Geeks Swag Stand  so check out our ub3r lootz!. Thanks to Chris Knetzer, and to you all, our spiritual guildies, for joining us for another episode! If you liked this, like us on facebook, and rate us wherever you get your podcasts. Rejoice! You can now follow us on twitter @gatewaygeeksSTL, and  as always, stay frosty kiddos!

GatewayGeeksPodcastEpisode12- Show Notes


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