Gateway Geeks Podcast Season 2: Episode 11 (Finale)- Appetites to Be Sated

Season 2: Episode 11- Appetites to be Sated

Welcome Gateway Geeks to this, the season finale of Season 2! In this, Episode 11- entitled Appetites to Be Sated’, your hosts discuss the Disney gargantua, Christmas hardware microtransactions, net neutrality, and of course- Star Wars Episode 8- The Last Jedi. We also touch on the future of libraries! All that, to your ears for free, but if you are so moved, you can now donate to our patreon (! More on that as the episode unfolds.  Happy holidays and new year from the whole Gateway Geeks crew!

Show Notes- Gateway Geeks S2_ Ep 11

Hosts: Joe Kohlburn and Aaron Robb

Production/Editing- Joe Kohlburn


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ALSO- be sure to take a look at Joe’s latest video on Net Neutrality. It is fairly extensive.

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