Gateway Geeks Podcast Season 3 Episode 4 – A New Hope

Season 3 Ep 4 – A New Hope

Welcome to The Gateway Geek Podcast- Season 3 Episode 4- A New Hope. This episode Lisa Pavia-Higel makes her triumphant return as she, Aaron and Joe chat about Avengers (LOTSA SPOILERS OMG), where to find light in the darkness, and how great signal brings great responsibility for Kanye and Roseanne alike. A special thanks to Lisa Pavia-Higel for bringing greater rigor and depth to our y-chromosome heavy conversations. If you liked this, check out our patreon at, and follow us on facebook, twitter at @gatewaygeeksSTL, and on our website at

Show Notes-Gateway Geeks Season 3- Ep 4

Co-Hosts- Joe Kohlburn & Aaron Robb

Guest: Lisa Pavia-Higel

Editing/Production- Joe Kohlburn

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