Gateway Geeks Podcast Season 3 Ep. 10 – Keep Your Politics Out of My Escapism

Gateway Geeks Podcast Season 3: Ep 10. – Get Your Politics Out of My Escapism

Welcome to Season 3- Episode 10 of the Gateway Geeks Podcast – Keep Your Politics Out of My Escapism- For this, our intergalactic council is joined by the dark horse candidate Lisa Pavia-Higel as we discuss Elon Musk, Dune, White House press conferences, The Expanse, Luke Cage, Star Wars and more!

This Episode:

White house press conference edits

Elon Musk- Corporate Charity/ Entrepreneurial Charity

1984/Brave New World comparison webcomic- Bibloklept



Star Wars

Luke Cage/ Agents of Shield/Super Girl/ Punisher

That’s it for this episode of The Gateway Geeks Podcast- Keep Your Politics Out of My Escapism. Thanks to you all for listening. If you like our new format, let us know on facebook or twitter (@GatewayGeeksSTL), give us a like and comment on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts, and check out our Patreon Special thanks to our guest Lisa Pavia-Higel ! Our podcast is co-hosted by Joe Kohlburn and Aaron Robb, until next time, I’m Joe for Gateway Geeks, tune in next time as we are joined by Chris Knetzer for our  first musical episode (not really).


This Episode:

Guest- Lisa Pavia-Higel – @lisamariepavia

Hosts- Joe Kohlburn (@joekohlburn), Aaron Robb(@Doctor_Villian_)

Production/Editing- Joe Kohlburn

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