Gateway Geeks Podcast Season 3 : Ep 12 – The Purely Political Episode

Gateway Geeks Podcast Season 3 : Ep 12 – The Purely Political Episode

Episode Notes:

Welcome to Season 3- Episode 12 of the Gateway Geeks Podcast -The Purely Political Episode. Witness the return of Chris Knetzer as we stop talking about nerd stuff for one dang second, and try to get serious. Don’t worry we end up in frequent nerd tangents while trying to have a cogent political discussion on the gig economy, deplatforming, Bea Arthur, Praeger U, Theranos and Unions. No talk of the Kavenaugh hearings in this one! And now, three left-leaning gents with wild beards trying to parse economics! Read into that what you will. Over to you comrades!

Alex Jones Gets Kicked off of Social Media

Equal-time Rule

Milo Deplatforming

Skokie,IL v. Nazis

Fake Women’s Health Clinics

Bea Arthur on Fresh Air

Gig Economy

Boolean Searching or We Love Megan

Praeger U

Matthew Brady


Chris Owns Up to Techno-Utopian Failings

People in Silicon Valley Living in Their Cars

Volunteer Adjuncts at SIUC

Unions in MO

Fair Share



Thanks to you all for listening. If you like our new format, let us know on facebook or twitter (@GatewayGeeksSTL), give us a like and comment on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts, and check out our Patreon Special thanks to Chris Knetzer for joining us! Our podcast is co-hosted by Joe Kohlburn and Aaron Robb, until next time, thanks for listening!


This Episode:

Guest- Chris Knetzer

Hosts- Joe Kohlburn, Aaron Robb

Production/Editing- Joe Kohlburn


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