Gateway Geeks Podcast Season 3: Ep 14- How Do You Do Fellow Kids?

S3: Episode 14- How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?

Welcome to Season 3- Episode 14 of the Gateway Geeks Podcast -How Do You Do, Fellow Kids? Ya boi Tim Boehme returns for an episode choc-a-bloc with movie references, getting into the comix weeds, and Halloween preparations! Where did the 80’s ninja craze originate? When can we freaking stop making Michael Myer’s movies (the horror ones), what drove Harley Quinn nuts? These august nerds answer questions you didn’t ask for about an hour! It’s going to be great, I promise. 


Latest season of Iron Fist. What is it like to have actually read one of the comics?

Hulk on Netflix!? Are we going to easy on these shows? [Doesn’t matter anymore, cause I guess they are cancelling all the things- more on that next time].

Ninja Obsession

Power Man and Iron Fist (Heroes for Hire)

Matt Fraction Iron Fist

Jessica Jones Season 2

Luke Cage Season 1

Daredevil Season 3 Trailer

Dragon Prince

The “Big Bad”

Agents of Shield

Dragonball Z

Kamen Rider

Voltron from STL

New Netflix Voltron

Beasts of No Nation

Hold the Dark

Blade Runner 2049

Movies with Mikey

Mad Max- Fury Road

No Country for Old Men


Bohemian Rhapsody



Sixteen Candles Controversy

8th Grade

Costume in a Bag Company- Sexy Handmaid’s Tales

Favorite Halloween Costumes

Harley Quinn Origins

Jokes and Trick or Treating

New Halloween Movie

The Predator (2018)

First Predator Movie (1987)

That’s it for this episode of The Gateway Geeks Podcast- How Do You Do, Fellow Kids? Thanks to you all for listening, and thanks to Tim Boehme for joining us! If you like this, let us know on facebook or twitter (@GatewayGeeksSTL), give us a like and comment on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts, and check out our Patreon (trick or treat). Our podcast is co-hosted by Joe Kohlburn and Aaron Robb, until next time, thanks for listening!

This Episode:

Guest- Tim Boehme

Hosts- Joe KohlburnAaron Robb

Production/Editing- Joe Kohlburn

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