Gateway Geeks Podcast S3: Episode 17- ARS LONGA, VITA BREVIS


Welcome listeners to Season 3 Episode 17 of the Gateway Geeks Podcast: ARS LONGA, VITA BREVIS. Since the contemporary understanding of an artist (recently a “creative”) has no direct latin analog, we couldn’t really say “artists working hard or hardly working. Instead we went with this aphorism from our buddy Hippocrates, who isn’t even talking about artists or writing in latin. This is complicated.   Our present understanding of what an artist is, what she does, and what exactly is the purpose of any of these efforts to make things for you goddamn people is a tangled web of bullshit. Lucky for you, where there’s bullshit, there is accompanying wild speculation, and that’s where we come in. We’ve got the usual opening salvo of marvel gossip, then we shoot the shit about Warhol, art labor, Red Dead Redemption II, and end on Tumblr blowing itself up with machine learning. With that, I’ll hand it over to your hosts Joe and Aaron!


Cancelled Daredevil

Is this why?

Netflix pays $100,000,000 to keep Friends

Creatives and The Machine

Broken Social Scene- Warhol and Youtube-

Would-be Warhol Assassin

Artists Walking Away

Red Dead Redemption

Tumblr self destructs

That’s it for this episode of The Gateway Geeks Podcast- ARS LONGA, VITA BREVIS. Thanks to you all for listening! If you like this, let us know on facebook or twitter (@GatewayGeeksSTL), give us a like and comment on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts, and check out our Patreon .  Our podcast is co-hosted by Joe Kohlburn and Aaron Robb, until next time, thanks for listening!

This Episode:

Hosts- Joe Kohlburn, Aaron Robb

Production/Editing- Joe Kohlburn

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