Gateway Geeks Podcast S3: Episode 18 – Best of 2018, LOL! Happy Holidays Anyway.

S3: EP 18 – Best of 2018, LOL! Happy Holidays Anyway.

Welcome listeners to Season 3 Episode 18 of the Gateway Geeks Podcast: Best of 2018, LOL, Happy Holidays Anyway! Happy early Kwanzaa, late Hanukkah, warm Yule, and a belated solstice to all of you! This episode we talk about our favorites of 2018, and what we’re looking forward to in 2019! Let us accompany you whether it’s on the way to grandma’s house, or as you frantically wrap presents at 4 am! Light the yule log, and settle down with a cup of hot cocoa as we join your hosts, Joe and Aaron!


Picard Returns

New Charmed Show-

NES, SNES, and PS1 Classic Editions with canon definitions


Best of 2018

Deadpool 2-

Black Panther-


Ballad of Buster Scruggs-

The Rocketeer-

I KIll Giants-

Mr. Robot-

Fight Club-

American Psycho-


Looking Forward to in 2019

Evangelion on Netflix-

Cowbow BeBop Live Action-

New Godzilla Movie-

Cyberpunk 2077-

Tabletop- Vampire the Masquerade



That’s it for this episode of The Gateway Geeks Podcast!. Thanks to you all for listening! If you like this, let us know on facebook or twitter (@GatewayGeeksSTL), give us a like and comment on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts, and check out our Patreon .  Happy Holidays, from us here at Gateway Geeks! Our podcast is co-hosted by Joe Kohlburn and Aaron Robb, until next time, thanks for listening!


This Episode:

Hosts- Joe Kohlburn, Aaron Robb

Production/Editing- Joe Kohlburn


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