Gateway Geek Podcast S3: Episode 21- This is The End

S3: Ep 21 (Finale): This is The End

Welcome listeners to Season 3: Episode 21 of the Gateway Geeks Podcast- This is The End. Big things are happening in your hosts’ lives. Aaron is getting hitched, Joe is starting his doctorate, so the podcast is wrapping up. Like all good things, this too must end. Don’t be sad, we’re making room for more, and almost certainly better art to be made by you all! We’ll be around, and I’m sure our curmudgeonry will mature like a fine wine. For this episode, we’re talking endings, finales, and closings. Have a listen, and thanks sincerely for your patronage, time, and for lending an ear to our rambling nonsense. Much love from the GG Studio.  Now let’s join your hosts for their goodbye performance, here they are: Joe and Aaron.

Aaron got engaged!

WordPress shall persist.

All narrative or episodic art should end at some point.

MASH AGAIN-*A*S*H_(TV_series)

Captain Marvel

Black Panther

A Wrinkle in Time

The Black Kkklansman



Meteor Man

Rogue/Captain Marvel

Love, Death & Robots

The Walking Dead

Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul

Russian Doll

Cowboy Beebop

Blake 7

The Sopranos

The Simpsons

South Park

Bob’s Burgers (Should never go away)

Endings: Lost

BSG Remake

The Matrix

Night’s Dawn Trilogy

Game of Thrones

What’s next? Anything, something, nothing, everything…

Vote in 2020, for fuck’s sake! Don’t vote for Beto.

So long, and thanks for all the subs.


This Episode:

Hosts- Joe Kohburn and Aaron Robb

Editing/Producing- Joe Kohlburn

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