Gateway Geeks Podcast S4EP1-Break Seal in Case of Pandemic

Gateway Geeks Returns- Break Seal in Case of Pandemic

Uncut Video Version:

Edited Audio:

Welcome back wayward listeners to The Gateway Geeks Podcast! This is the first episode of Season 4- Break Seal in Case of Pandemic! As a desperate attempt to hold on to our remaining sanity by socializing over Zoom, this podcast was born again in this dumpster fire of a reality behind the Burger King that is the Trump administration. We’re here, anyway, to talk about chainswords and Final Fantasy as the world around us fixates on another topic. Pardon our crappy audio and focus instead on the subtle joy we express by discussing things we’ve always discussed. Take a listen as Joe, Aaron and Chris return to ramble on endlessly about things that are probably ultimately meaningless but at least of less dire consequence. Join us once again as we break the seal on this fresh season of the Gateway Geeks Podcast! We’re back!

Help us get the word out about our website and checkout our uncut video of video chat at! See you next time, stay safe, and for the love of the dark gods, wear a fucking mask and don’t hassle essential workers.


Joe Kohlburn

Chris Knetzer

and Aaron Robb

Producer and Editor

Joe Kohlburn


Show Notes:

  1. Chainswords are dumb
  2. AMC v. Trolls, Future of Cinema
  3. Extended Editions
  4. All WW3 Movies are at least 3 hours long
  5. Like Laurell K. Hamilton Books, but with Food Instead of Sex
  6. British 20th Cent.  History
  7. Picard
    1. Patrick Steward is Immortal
  8. Leverage (The Show)
  9. What We Do in the Shadows and Seriality
    1. Turning babies into vampires
  10. Mythic Quest: A Feast for Ravens
  11. Tales from the Loop
  12. X-Com: Chimera Force
  13. Bloodbowl
  14. Remnant
  15. Old people complaining about competitive multiplayer
  16. Throwback LAN gaming
  17. Final Fantasy Remake
  18. Star Wars Digression
  19. Hades Town
  20. Community
  21. Business Books are the Worst
  22. Speculative Sci-Fi
  23. Make a Saga dating sim
  24. 100 Bullets
  25. The Crow
  26. Brotherhood of the Wolf
  27. Michele Yeoh and Star Trek Discovery
  28. Paul Atreades is the Worst Dad in History
  29. LOTR
  30. Sarah Connor continues to suffer for her Master and Commander Review
  31. Horatio Hornblower
  32.  Quarantine Takeaways

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