Gateway Geeks Podcast S4EP2- Lo-Fi is Our Aesthetic

Gateway Geeks Podcast- Lo-Fi is Our Aesthetic

Uncut Video Version:

Edited Audio:

Welcome y’all to the second episode of season 4 of the Gateway Geeks Podcast! This time the three dudes are joined by Sarah Jane Connor as we discuss antiheroes, animal crossing and presidential history. Conspiracy theories abound, as we drill down on novelty toilet paper and chris’ lifelong love affair with murderbabies. Join us, and escape your quarantine in a purely spiritual sense as  we bombard you with the second episode in our first week! Holy crap don’t get used to it!


Sarah Jane Connor

Joe Kohlburn

Chris Knetzer

and Aaron Robb

Producer and Editor

Joe Kohlburn


Show Notes:

Antiheroes Intro

Grifts and Grifters

Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman Break Up on Patreon

The Great

Sebastian Stan

Quibi- No Chris

Comedy Central v. Netflix is a Joke

Youtube the TV Series

At Midnight

Animal Crossing

Danny Trejo for Prez

Tom Nook is a Slumlord

Boehme’s Haiku

Changes from the Pandemic

Conspiracy Theories

Horseshoe Theory

Extended Presidential History Digression

Metal Gear Solid

Theaters in July

What’s Hard to Find during the Apocalypse

Novelty Toilet Paper

Studios Buying Cancelled Projects



Birds of Prey

Chris’s Life-long Affection for Murder Babies

90’s Pacing

Animated Scene from Blacklist Finale

Harley Quinn Cartoon


Doolittle and Chris’s Magical Mystery Tour

Podcast Singularity

New SNL Episodes


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