Gateway Geeks Podcast S4EP3- The One Where Sarah Explains K-Pop, and Aaron Gets Married

Gateway Geeks Podcast- The One Where Sarah Explains K-Pop, and Aaron Gets Married

Uncut Video Version:

Edited Audio:

Thanks for joining us once again for a quarantine episode of The Gateway Geeks Podcast! This time the crew talks K-Pop, social justice, The Disney Channel, High School Musical, and briefly about Elon Musk and his stupid baby. Learn about David Cameron, rice sculpture, and stoner movies as we dig deep to briefly escape the hellscape of our lives. If you are so inclined, don’t forget, you can donate to the various protesters who have been unjustly tossed in jail at



Sarah Jane Connor

Joe Kohlburn

Chris Knetzer

and Aaron Robb

Producer and Editor

Joe Kohlburn


Show Notes:




Panel or Hosts?

Why what happened last week?

Cops murdering black people with impunity George Floyd and Ahmed Aurbery

Overzealous police response

Karen calling the cops on a guy birdwatching

Elon Musk and Grimes and Their Stupid Baby


Barron Trump

Luna is like the Avengers

Peak rich weirdo shit

Cargo shorts and Chris’ Quarantine Beard

Zombie Muppets Created through Sheer Force of Will

Bruce Campbell’s Quarantine Beard

Beards as Protection


High School Musical: The Musical- The Series

The Disney Channel exist specifically for brand extension

Small Wonder

What will future iterations of our favorite IPs look like?

Animation is Having a Boom Year

Apple and Onion

Blacklist Copyright Claim

Space Force

Solar Opposites

Contemporary Adult Swim

Beef House/ Tim and Eric

The Death of Sketch Comedy

Patton Oswalt’s New Special

Douglas, Hannah Gadsby and Other Australian Comedians

Andy Daly Podcast Project

The Tick

Blank Check-Episode 1 is the Only Star Wars: The Podcast

David Cameron v. James Cameron

Bill and Ted III: Face the Music


Dangerous Minds

American History X is a movie about white people

Dope and Nora from Queens

War Room

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Remake

Dean Cain Unintentional Gay Icon of the 90s, Lois and Clark

Sarah Michelle Gellar hates Graveyards

John Favreau has money, officially

Disney live-action remakes

Don’t remake Pocahontas as a live-action movie

The Emperor’s New Groove

Brother Bear, Home on the Range, Rockadoodle, Happy Feet


Weirdest Quarantine Experience

Aaron Gets Married

Essential Employees


Being in Our Houses and the YouTube Rabbithole

Grinding your own hamburger/ Quarantine Kitchen

Rice Sculpture

Chicken and Rice

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