Gateway Geeks Podcast S4EP7- We Condone All Forms of Violence

Gateway Geeks Podcast S4EP7- We Condone All Forms of Violence

Unedited Video:

(Note: Joe’s audio is real fucked up in this one, because he hit the level slider with his knee while the episode was being recorded. Audio version has much better sound quality).

Audio Cut:

Welcome Listeners to Season 4 Episode 7 of the Gateway Geeks Podcast! This time we are torturing ourselves with Hudson Hawk and Timecop! For the first time ever, Gateway Geeks achieves gender parity! Join us as we celebrate with your hosts, Joe, Tracy, Sarah, and Chris!

Gender parity, but probably too many white people.

I condone all forms of violence


Chadwick Boseman

All action films had boobs in the 90s- A brief list

Demolition Man



A missed opportunity



The Quest


Gratuitous explosions

A brief discussion of physics

Hudson Hawk

Butterfinger is Problematic

A Hoboken Hero

Watcher in the Woods


Lack of Cultural Awareness

The Fabulous Ms. Mazel

Bob’s Burgers

Kristen Schall as a Horse

Carrot Top

Mitch Hedberg


Marc Maron

Bo Burnam

WTF Obama Interview

A Hostage Negotiation Film Exchange

Kristen Slater does his Jack Nicholson Impression




Sarah Jane Connor

Chris Knetzer

Joe Kohlburn

Tracy Gomillion



Joe Kohlburn

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