Gateway Geeks Podcast S4EP8 – Who Lives, Who Dies?

Gateway Geeks Podcast S4EP8- Who Lives, Who Dies?

Uncut Video:

Audio Cut (edited):

S4EP8- Who Lives, Who Dies in the Omegaverse

Welcome to Season 4 Episode 8 of the Gateway Geeks Podcast! Join Sarah, Chris, Joe, Aaron and Wendy as we discuss Hamilton, Old Guard, and the Omegaverse (don’t google it at work). 


Into the Omegaverse –


Who is M/F Omegaverse for?

Weaponizing copyright


Mysterious Harry Potter Podcast

Hugo Awards

Best Related Work

Daveed Diggs- The Deep


Lin-Manuel Miranda


To Begin the World Over Again

Sung Through

PBS Passport

In the Heights

The Bullet


Disney Missteps


The Wall, Warcraft

Lin-Manuel fucked up

Got Milk Ad, Who Shot Alexander Hamilton? By Michael Bay-

Michael Bay Continued

Lindsay Ellis

School Field Trips

Casimir Pulaski

Cod, Salt, Tea, Rum

Coffee, The Killing of Pablo Escobar

The Tom Clancy Phase

The Old Guard


Lesbians, Minoans, and the Labrys

Join us next time as we dive deep into the most excellent and assuredly non-heinous Bill and Ted Universe. 


Sarah Jane Connor

Joe Kohlburn

Chris Knetzer

Aaron Robb

Wendy Robb


Joe Kohlburn

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