Gateway Geeks Podcast S4EP9- Look, It’s Not a Bad Movie

Gateway Geeks Podcast S4EP9- Look, It’s Not a Bad Movie

Uncut Video:

Audio Cut (edited):

Welcome to Episode 9 of Season 4 of the Gateway Geeks Podcast! This time, it’s a Bill and Ted Extravaganza! Join us as we talk about utopian doofusry, and as Chris and Aaron interject a number of Star Trek references!


Sarah Jane Connor

Joe Kohlburn

Chris Knetzer

Aaron Robb

Wendy Robb


Joe Kohlburn


Chris Knetzer

Joe Kohlburn


Being Alive in the 90s

Star Trek(s) References – Various (1st)

Collective Senior Moment

Leonard Nemoy is a solid dude, Shatner…

Bill and Ted the TV series, and animated series briefly discussed

Other pairs of doofuses (doofi?)



The frequency of air guitar solos

Was Face the Music impacted by Covid?

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure recap

Chris’ weird crush on Joan of Arc

Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey 

Pam Grier still had rent to pay in 1991

How many days did they have George Carlin on set?

William Sadler’s Death

The 7th Seal, Igmar Bergman

2nd Star Trek Reference

Dark Angel/ Jessica Alba

Billy Zane

Evil Robot Us(es)

Practical Effects

Dennis Caleb McCoy & Station(s)

The Future is all about Platform Shoes

Cringey jokes in B&T using the word ‘f*g’

Time Travel has no rules


The Bill and Ted Soundtrack

We don’t know who Primus is/ Sublime erasure

Real time

We cried, we all cried

German Expressionism, making middle America uncomfortable and satanic panic


Chris brings up porn

Bill and Ted Face the Music

Keanu Reeves is middle aged, but still beautiful

3rd Star Trek Reference

The practical effects of the nineties were better

Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance

Aaron’s cousin who paints wires out of things

Billie and Thea

Princess turnover

Marriage counsellor sequence

Bill and Ted are clearly fucking someone

Something clearly got cut

Post-credit scene

God Gave Rock n’ Roll to you

Music Theory is Problematic

Teach Everyone to Play

Everyone Cries

Hannah Gadsby




Porn is a major motivation for art

Extensive discussion of artistic asses

Michaelangelo, The First Diva?


You can bounce a quarter off of it/ Sexy Science

The balls off a brass monkey

Ingmar Bergman

Bill and Ted’s Death

What is Heaven Like?

Hell is more interesting/ We were totally lied to by our album covers

Bill and Ted Vernacular

Frank Zappa

We broke into Dave Grohl’s house

Doubling/ Other Us(es)

Bill and Ted are good guys

Radical Empathy/ No antagonist

Man vs. God/ Man vs. Self

A deeply relatable metaphor

Unpacking how time travel works in Bill and Ted


It’s not about the journey, it’s about themselves

Beowulf/ 3 Acts

The 13th Warrior

Man vs. Own Sperm

Spontaneous enlightenment/ language acquisition

Buy the Soundtrack

Bess Kiss song of all time

The Kiss Army

We’re gonna get spooky

Aaron’s Shrine to Halloween

Be Excellent to Each Other, and Party on Dudes!

Join us next time as we watch Halloween Films starring Susan Surandon, and have awakenings of various intensities!

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