Gateway Geeks Podcast S4EP13- In Ivory Suits, They Fill Our Plates

S4EP13- In Ivory Suits, They Fill Our plates

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Audio Cut:

Welcome to Episode 13 of Season 4 of the Gateway Geeks Podcast- In Ivory Suits, They Fill Our Plates!! This is our pre-Thanksgiving Food episode so you can expect at least 70% of our discussion to be about food in some way!


Sarah Jane Connor

Tracy Gomillion

Chris Knetzer

Joe Kohlburn


Joe Kohlburn


Chris Knetzer

Joe Kohlburn


Intro game- most depressing aspect of thanksgiving

Turkey is not idiot-proof

Not crying at work

Not making cornbread dressing

Dressing v. Stuffing

Garbage Protein

Discovering flavor for the first time

Learning to cook

Chris’ Dad 

Ninja Turtles did not popularize pizza

No good restaurants in small towns

Fuck Off New Jersey

Pancake pictures of Hitler

Kpop Stans Return

Hashtag Flooding

Proud Boys and Gay Couples

Kit Meals

Chris is Old and can’t figure out how to screenshare

A bag full of lose soda cans

Legalize Amphetamines

Politcal digression


Corn-fed Nazis

Immigration Digression

Lots of Corn


Honeybunny Intermission

NAFTA is Dead, Hail Nafta

Apple and Onion

Travel Man

Somebody feed fill

Food Flirts (aka Horny on Main Course)

Horny Grandmas

Stumping Sohla

Alton Brown is a Republican but Good Eats is still awesome

Steadycam technology


Triumph of the Grill

Salt Fat Acid Heat

Working in a Restaurant

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Guerilla Street Food


Tom’s Bar

Majestic RIP, and other Greek Diners

Immigrants make the best food

Reality cooking shows


The Great British Baking Show

Sarah is not a kitchen fascist

Ode to French Fries

Nailed It!

Nicole Byer and her various excellent podcasts

Top Chef

Carla Hall

Mark Dacascos

Brotherhood of the Wolf

The Highlander

Jacques Pépin

Coq au Vin 

French cooking is just time

Oh….You buy your crust?

America’s Test Kitchen

Milk Street

La creuset are expensive

Other dutch ovens

Pati Jinich- Joe’s TV Girlfriend

Feast TV

Cat Neville

Feast and Sauce

Recording and Hard Floors

Recording in Kitchens

Black Dynamite

Order food, don’t dine in

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