Gateway Geeks Podcast S4EP14 – The Supernatural Episode

S4EP14- The Supernatural Episode

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Audio Cut:

Welcome to Episode 14 of Season 4  of the Gateway Geeks Podcast! This is our supernatural episode! This time, we are joined by Supernatural aficionado Tim Boehme to chat about about our boys Sam, Dean, and Castiel, get important slash/fic context from Sarah, serialized takes from Tracy, and Chris and Joe, well, they’re just kindof winging it this time.  Grab a coffee to go and buckle in, we’re hitting the road with Tim, Tracy, Sarah, Chris and Joe!

Special Guest

Tim Boehme


Sarah Jane Connor

Tracy Gomillion

Chris Knetzer

Joe Kohlburn


Joe Kohlburn


Chris Knetzer

Joe Kohlburn



Game- introduce yourself game” “what makes you a monster?” Ex: (not me) I feed the toilet paper with the lip behind the roll

Quibi is no more (sorry Chris)-

HBO gets all WB movies in 2021 (Dune, The Matrix 4, Wonder Woman) –

Topic 1-  Supernatural 

     Should we all sing “Carry On My Wayward Son”? 

  1. Jensen of Jared-
  2. Comic Book Death 
  3. Judeo-Christian pulp fantasy with a lot of other stuff thrown in
  4. Tim please suggest mini-topics
  5. Ridiculously complicated mythology
  6. Meta elements
  7. God–the ultimate urban legend?
  8. Fridging

Topic 2- Supernatural-adjacent

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