Gateway Geeks Podcast S4EP16- Wonder Woman vs. Tasernuts

S4EP16- Wonder Woman Vs. Tasernuts

Uncut Video (relatively):

Audio Cut:

Welcome to Episode 16 of Season 4 of the Gateway Geeks Podcast-Wonderwoman vs. The Ghost of Tasernuts!! This episode we talk insurrection, Wonder Woman 1984, and what’s getting us through the home stretch of this terrible Ayn Rand novel. Here are your hosts, Sarah, Tracy, Chris, Aaron and Joe.Thanks for listening, and don’t forget we are now on Spotify as well as Apple Podcasts!


Sarah Jane Connor

Tracy Gomillion

Joe Kohlburn

Chris Knetzer

Aaron Robb


Joe Kohlburn


Chris Knetzer
Joe Kohlburn



Intro Insurrection

Star Trek Joke


Trump gets permabanned from Twitter

Future Predictions

Waco or Jonestown?

Q-Anon is fucking stupid

Pull your buckskin up and get a job!

It smells like Axe bodyspray in here!

A Very Dark Beginning to Our Podcast

Tasing yourself so hard in the dick that you die/ The ballad of Tasernuts

Georgia Flipped

Jack Dorsey 

Josh Hawley wost his book deal 😦

Wonder Woman 1984


Women are the bearers of culture

Justice League War

Failure is not ignoble, cheating is

The Monkey’s Paw

Weird anti-islamic 80’s tendencies

Gal Gadot MIGHT not be a great actor

Kristen Wiig

The Crystal is Phallic 

Big budget movies in 2020?

Borat II

Patty got Paid!

Wonder Woman III

Old people try to remember things

New Frontier

Gamergate and Comicsgate

Chris impugns Gone Home


Among Us

What’s the sus thing?


Cyberpunk 2077


Autoerotic asphyxiation

Orphan Black

Moon Knight- Oscar Isaacson

Blade- Mahershala Ali

The Expanse

Evil-Mike Colter


Lovecraft Country

The Lovecraft Investigations- BBC

We are on spotify now!

Tarot- A Tool for Introspection

Sourcebooks for games we will never play

Sarah is a ray of sunshine

Inauguration Day

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