Gateway Geeks Podcast-S5EP2- GGSTL- Fast and the Furious Curious

Gateway Geeks Podcast- S5EP2-GGSTL- Fast and the Furious Curious

Welcome to Episode 2 of Season 5 of the Gateway Geeks Podcast! Join us, as we set out on our journey to watch and discuss every last film from The Fast and the Furious franchise. Today, the saga begins with the original 2001 film created by Gary Scott Thompson and starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and some other people.

Tangents include:

Oh No, King of Staten Island is good. 

He-Man TV Show

SNL Tangent

Irresponsibly Drunk Performances

The Eastern Illinois University Daily Newspaper

The Fast and the Furious-Unpacking

Nitpicking/ Burning Questions-  Critical Responses- What did we learn?

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Sarah Jane Connor

Tracy Gomillion

Joe Kohlburn

Chris Knetzer

Editor and Producer

Joe Kohlburn

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