Gateway Geeks Podcast S5EP14- Piping Knot: An Explanation and Exploration of the Omegaverse

S5EP14- Piping Know: An Explanation and Exploration of the Omegaverse

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Welcome to episode 14 of Season 5 of the Gateway Geeks Podcast. This time, we are trying a new format while we are stuck inside hiding from both snowstorms and covid. Sarah, the first daring host to embark upon this mission, delineates the intricacies of the Omegaverse. Mom, if you’re listening, please skip this episode. That said, Sarah absolutely nails this one.

Main Topic-The Omegavese- A Powerpoint Presentation

If this doesn’t get us all fired, I don’t know what will!  Special thanks to Sarah Jane Connor on this one and to the rest of y’all,  thanks for listening (and you’re welcome)! Remember you can find us on Amazon and Audible as well as Spotify and Apple Podcasts!

This Episode With

Sarah Jane Connor

Tracy Gomillion

Joe Kohlburn

Chris Knetzer


Joe Kohlburn


Sarah Jane Connor

Joe Kohlburn

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