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Thor and the Dragon’s Anus

‘The problem is that the extended universe causes us to forgive so much of the shorthand utilized to build these half-assed arcs, that we tend to forget how abbreviated the actual content is. We are so at home with the subject matter, that it feels almost petty or perhaps even cruel to criticize the very bricks that form the foundation of geekery’s ascendant superstructure.’

Gateway Geeks Podcast Season 2: Episode 8- Halloweeners

Welcome to Season 2: Episode 8 of the Gateway Geeks Podcast! This episode, we’re calling Halloweeners (because we are two white guys out of our depth, and also yay Halloween is coming up!). We’re bringing it to you through the hegemonic patriarchal lens, despite our best efforts. This month, we talk competing media narratives, the new IT movie, what scares, disgusts and horrifies us in reality and pop culture, and what draws us into the darkness.