Gateway Geeks Podcast Season 3 Episode 3 – A Free Haircut

This time, your hosts ape the gestitculations of grizzled Marxists as they discuss what it means to make stuff for free in a capitalist society. Further topics include the fall of Toys R’ Us, The March for Our Lives, Jessica Jones Season 2, and the new short from Gateway Geeks Productions- I was so Angry, Kitty. We answer the age old question, does a free haircut really always look like a free hair cut? 

Thor and the Dragon’s Anus

‘The problem is that the extended universe causes us to forgive so much of the shorthand utilized to build these half-assed arcs, that we tend to forget how abbreviated the actual content is. We are so at home with the subject matter, that it feels almost petty or perhaps even cruel to criticize the very bricks that form the foundation of geekery’s ascendant superstructure.’