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If you would like to submit an article for consideration, please contact us before hand with a proposal at and take note of the following stipulations:

  • Articles should be 500-750 words
  • May be AP or MLA style (if you’re concerned with such things)
  • Should delineate a particular point of view. Don’t just tell us something is cool, tell us WHY it’s cool in a way that other people might want to read.
  • Articles should be approved before you write them. Shoot us an email, we will get back to you with ideas approval/polite “no thanks”, etc.
  • Include images you’d like in the article, at least one for the header image.
  • Contributors are not presently being compensated monetarily. Until then, we fully expect that only returning guests and close friends will be writing articles for us. That’s fair, and we don’t ask for altruism from you all. When we are able to pay for these articles (as we damn well SHOULD be doing), we’ll update this message.