Your Hosts



Joe Kohlburn– Librarian, art historian, slightly pedantic at his worst, at his best he’s a glorious weirdo. @joekohlburn on twitter and on Facebook


Aaron in Library


Aaron Robb– Arch-nerd, librarian, film-aficionado, tabletop and Critical Role enthusiast- all-around solid dude. @Doctor_Villian on twitter and on Facebook


Gateway Geeks Crew


002f5cdd-1c32-4ecc-9405-1b69005a44f3.jpgChris Knetzer- Surly wizard of the unseen digital world. Strong opinions about insignificant things. This is what we do. @knetzerthegreat on twitter.




Lisa Pavia-Higel is a swashbuckling professor of media studies, writer, crafter, and consultant. Featured here on Super Heroines, Etc, you can check out her jewelry at geekerygal.com, and find her on twitter @lisamariepavia  




Tracy Gomillion is a death-fascinated crypto-geek. She is a tireless advocate and social worker, instructor of sociology, and founder of The Willow Foundation. Tracy doesn’t use twitter, but you can find her on Instagram @strangelittlegirlgrownup